Cursed Cleric

Cursed Cleric

Claire-Agon Ranger Book 4

Series: Ranger Series

When EVIL rises, GOOD needs a Hero.

A thousand years ago, on the world of Claire-Agon, a war raged between men and dragons, destroying the creatures and the land’s many civilizations.

The ancient nemesis of man is revealed as dragons awaken while Ulatha is covered in darkness as the undead walk again. Targon, and his trusted band of heroes, must confront the challenges and villains that stand in their way as they face their worst fears and the balance of their world lies in their hands.

Only together, and with the help of a Dead Druid, will they be able to bridge the gap of a thousand years and use history to aid in their epic struggle. Urged on by the Arnen Druid, Elister, the party seeks out the only known power to fight the overwhelming evil and darkness of the dreaded lich and the Kesh’s Mad Mage. To fight fire with fire they must seek and find the Cursed Cleric.

In doing so, they must pray she helps them, otherwise, they will face a gruesome death at the hands of the walking dead and Agon will be plunged into darkness forever.

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