Book Order

So I thought a quick post about book order would be warranted considering the fact that the books were: A) Written in one order, B) Published in a different order, and C) Changed in order due to story line twists and plot issues.  Obviously the books are labeled in the current order which reflects my C point above but what about the first two points?  I’ll list the written order with the published order after the book’s title  with their current series and position within that series in brackets and that should take care of both A & B without forcing one to read two lists, but of course with C last as a reference.  Three points in only one list, hopefully this will be clear enough to any interested casual reader so here we go:

Written – TITLE – (Published) [Current]

  1. RANGER RISING (2) [Ranger Series 1]
  2. THE BLACK DRAGON (1) [Dragon Series 3]
  3. LUNAR DISCOVERY (3) [Discovery Series 1]
  4.  THE BLUE DRAGON (4) [Dragon Series 1]
  5.  DEAD DRUID (5) [Ranger Series 2]
  6.  THE GREEN DRAGON (6) [Dragon Series 2]
  7.  THE WHITE DRAGON (7) [Dragon Series 4]
  8.  RED HORIZON (8) [Discovery Series 2]
  9.  THE RED DRAGON (9) [Dragon Series 5]
  10.  MAD MAGE (10) [Ranger Series 3]
  11.  BLACK INFINITY (11) [Discovery Series 3]
  12.  THE DRAGON WAR (12) [Dragon Series 6]

There will be a total of five (5) Ranger Series Books, six (6) Dragon Series Books, and three (3) Discovery Series Books, once all series are completed.  I made a rookie author mistake of writing three “Book Ones” in three different series across two different genres.  Due to that fact, it was difficult for readers to stay engaged in any one series as there have been considerable waits for readers and considerable challenges for this author in finishing each book and by extension each series.  The current plan for this writer at the time of this post is to finish the last two books in the Ranger Series before starting on a three book trilogy that is an extension and possible future timeline for the Discovery Series.  More on that later.

Finally I wanted to post for the record on the beginning of my writing and how this all came about but to do so as concisely as possible.  I wrote Ranger Rising first but did not like my story as written. I took a short break of three months and then wrote a dark story from my Dragon Series, The Black Dragon.  It turned out to be a bit too dark and depressing for many of my readers, especially as a first book in a series.  Despite the second dragon book being more upbeat and optimistic, this book turned a lot of readers away.  Later, after editing and reworking Ranger Rising and publishing my first book second, I changed the order of the independent Dragon Books so that the darker Black Dragon story would be read third and hopefully be more palatable to my readers as a middle story amidst several more traditional stories.  I’ll post a complete explanation of why The Black Dragon has to remain in its dark state in the near future.

This post is meant to be more of a factual record of what was written and in what order.  Just looking at the list can be a bit convoluted to my mind and I was the one who wrote all those books.  I can only imagine what a reader may be thinking when trying to understand how the stories all interact and how this author put some semblance of order into them. I’ll update as the books increase but the current plan is to write and finish one series at a time moving forward so hopefully this exercise can be prevented in the future.  So now you know.