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Ranger Rising, Book 1

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Salvador Mercer


Book 1 of the Claire-Agon Ranger Series

Book 1 of the Claire-Agon Dragon Books

Welcome & a Word from Author Salvador Mercer


Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

If you found yourself here, then most likely you’re interested in my writing.  I constructed this website, limited artistic skills that I have, in order to convey some of the finer points of my work. Primarily, I write in the Fantasy genre, but I have a love for Science Fiction as well as the Thriller genre, specifically the Techno-Thriller.

To that end, feel free to browse my site and see if anything is of interest to you.  If you like any of my books, you can buy them directly from the side bar at the right, or on the Books page, just click on the link. Thank you for your support. Some of the pages are designed for specific tasks and information sharing. In general they are as follows:


This page shows the covers, and the descriptions, of each of the Claire-Agon fantasy books currently published, or soon to be so. These books consist of the Dragon Series and the Ranger Series. Each series will have five books and they are titled as follows:

Dragon Series                                                                                

The Blue Dragon, Book 1

The Green Dragon, Book 2

The Black Dragon, Book 3

The White Dragon, Book 4

The Red Dragon, Book 5


Claire-Agon & Maps

This page has an appendix of the world of Claire-Agon describing the planet, system, sun and other scientific details of the world. I placed the maps that I am making for each book here as well, since they can be difficult to see on the smaller reading devices. Be sure to scroll down to see them

The Blue Dragon

I post the Chapter 1 excerpt from my latest book here. Currently, that is The Blue Dragon since I'm editing Mad Mage so you can get a feel for what my next release will be like.

Lunar Discovery

For now, I have a dedicated page for my Science Fiction book, soon to be a series of three books. Eventually, I’ll add more pages or a special site for this genre. In the meantime, I’m piggybacking it here for now and if you must know, to use a Russian phrase, I had an itch I had to scratch and I wrote this book to satiate my need for modern day story telling involving Science Fiction mixed with a healthy dose of Techno-Thriller.

ARC Team

ARC stands for “Advance Reader Copy” and it is a program that many authors use to have people read a book in advance, receiving the book for free, in exchange for an honest review. Most readers, myself included before I became an author, do not realize how important, nor how difficult it is, it obtain honest reviews for our books. This program helps kick start a new release by giving other potential readers an idea of what the book is like. I listed a FAQ section as well, so if you might be interested take a look at what it’s all about.


Something about little ol me, I’ll try to update and personalize, but as most writers, I’m in introvert at heart and it’s never easy for us to say, “Hey, read about me.”


I’m as human as the next person. I feel the joy of reading a good review or email where a reader informs me how much they enjoyed my work and I feel the sting when someone didn’t have a good experience with my book(s). For better or for worse, I can honestly say I enjoy hearing from readers, both critical feedback and praise, and this makes me work harder and write a better book next time around. Feel free to connect with me here or via anyone of my social platforms. Hearing from you, my reader, is always a pleasure.

WELCOME TO Claire-agon!

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